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Transforming Lives: My Journey to Becoming a Health Coach

May 14, 2024

Back in the early 90’s when my boys were babies, I had no energy, my hair was falling out, and my skin was so dry I had red patches covering both of my legs.  I had to nap on the couch every afternoon and would go through a couple pots of coffee just to get through the day. At the time I was only 26 years old! At an annual well care visit, my gynecologist noticed my dry patches of skin and investigated further by asking questions and palpating my throat.  If she had not done so, I probably would have continued to muscle through my days thinking, I was just tired from having two young children. Without the keen diagnostic ability of my physician, my autoimmune condition would have gone undetected until it had become much worse. 

Getting that life changing autoimmune diagnosis changed my perspective on both my health and my body. I wanted to figure out how to be as healthy as possible, enjoy energy throughout the day and be as strong as I could be.  As soon as I figured out how to feel strong and energetic, I knew I had to share this knowledge with others.  I founded my company Boundless Balance back in 2013 with the tagline, moving through life with ease. Little did I know at the time that "moving through life with ease" would become the core of what I now teach. 

I have spent the last quarter of a century studying under teachers and mentors considered leaders in their perspective fields and accumulated certifications in a variety of powerful, effective modalities that bring results.

With the current healthcare system being so difficult and expensive to navigate, now, more than ever, it’s important to take as much control and power over your own health and wellness as possible. We can’t expect every doctor to have all the answers. Pharmaceuticals and surgeries are not always the easy fix, nor do they come without expense and side effects. Granted, there are times when we need medical intervention, however there is so much that we can do for ourselves. We need to learn to trust our gut, better our diet, move our bodies, do more of what we love, learn ways to keep stress in check and get quality sleep.

I am that person that can help you implement lifestyle changes that will improve your health. Fad diets, extreme workouts and pharmaceuticals do not get to the root of the problem. As your health coach I will show you ways to find balance in your life, get “unstuck” by helping you figure out what's keeping you from reaching your goals and assist you in setting realistic goals based on what you want to accomplish. I promise, with the right attitude and commitment, the results will be life changing and lifelong. 

Set up your complimentary Discovery Call here to tell me your goals and visions that you have for your future. I'll share with you how I work with clients in my coaching program to help you reach those goals and visions.

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