In this space, I empower women over 50 to shed belly fat, balance hormones naturally, and embrace energetic midlife through holistic coaching.

Hi! I am Maria Rigo

I believe that LIFE doesn’t end when you hit menopause, and you don’t have to live with aches and pains or any of the ‘side effects’ of aging. 

With over 23 years in the health and fitness industry, I am a dedicated health coach with specialized training as a personal trainer, Pilates and MELT Method instructor, and chef. My mission is to empower menopausal women to embrace vibrant midlife by shedding belly fat and achieving natural hormone balance. Through a holistic approach, I provide individualized plans that combine exercise, restful sleep, and easy-to-follow recipes, guiding women over 50 towards revitalized energy and confidence in their journey.

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Rediscover Your Balance:

Unveil the natural path to harmonizing your hormones.

I have helped hundreds of women reclaim their energy, shed belly fat, and live beyond the borders of menopause.


"Heavy lifting versus light reps was a new approach to strength that I didn’t know before the program. The early discussion about hormones as we age was super interesting and informative. I am more aware of what I do daily, both in terms of nutrition and movement."


"After working with Maria not only did my tennis game improve because of my increased mobility and agility, I also noticed that I felt much stronger in my daily activities as well as improved posture without even thinking about it."


"Maria’s passion for total body wellbeing makes her a standout in the industry. Her comprehensive approach to health and fitness make the journey streamlined and easy."



Build muscle and burn calories, all while learning to bust a move or two

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6 Pillars of Wellness

Join the 12-week 6 Pillars of Wellness Program, a tailored holistic approach for women in their 50s, designed to reclaim life, navigate menopausal challenges, and embrace a vibrant midlife with renewed confidence and vitality.

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Melt Method

Transform your body and life in just 20 minutes a day with the 30-day MELT program.

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Menopause is a transition, not an end


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