Are you ready to redefine your health and embrace a stronger, more confident you?

You have the power to completely transform your health and wellness journey int one of success and victory!

You can go from experiencing:

- Constant and chronic pain
- Exhaustion
- Forgetfulness
- Weight gain


To LIVING your best, healthy, and peaceful life → EVEN AFTER 50!

Imagine not having to take SO many over-the-counter drugs, or feeling like since you’ve hit 50 or experienced menopause ‘it’s all downhill from here.

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It’s all about changing your lifestyle and elevating your mindset!

If you are ready to step into the HEALTHIEST season of your life - let’s work together!

Holistic Private Coaching​

Change the habits that have been hurting you into ones that will elevate you mentally and physically! This coaching package is all-inclusive and incorporates the 6 Pillars of wellness into your daily life.

Consistency and support is key! In this package, you receive: 

  • One 55 minute session Zoom session per week. 
  • Progressions for cardio and strength work month by month.
  • Personalized calendar 
  • Accountability through the Voxer App
  • Access to The 6 Pillars of Wellness Online Community
  • Recipes, video tutorials, power points and more.


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Health Coaching 

As a certified health coach I help you transform your thinking so that you can transform your life. We work together to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Health and wellness look different to everyone. Together we’ll find what works for you and keep you moving forward on your journey.

In this package, you will receive:

  • Two 60-minute coaching sessions per month, each session is tailored to your goals

  •  Access to support throughout the month through email or Voxer

  •  Access to my online membership during our four months together

  •  Pantry makeover and recipe ideas

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The road to a healthier and happier you starts here!


Do something TODAY that your future self will thank you for!