Are You Ready to Transform Your Body and Life with Just 20 Minutes a Day?

Learn to MELT in Just 30 Days: My easy-to-follow program fits into your busy schedule with quick, simple, daily sessions under 20 minutes.

Learn at your own pace and experience relief from stress, pain, and tension.


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In the next 30 Days we will: 

- Learn how to rehydrate and rebalance your NeuroFascial system.

- Learn all about "stuck stress" and how to eliminate it from living in your body. 

- Begin to break free from tension, aches and pains.

- Improve mobility, stability and performance for your sports and activities.

- Live with more vitality and resilience to enjoy life.

If you are:

  • TIRED of living with chronic pain that never seems to go away
  • Frustrated by limited exercise performance and lack of progress
  • Seeking relief from the constant stiffness and tension in your joints
  • If you're exhausted from the endless search for a natural, effective solution to bodily discomfort and imbalance
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It’s time to MELT!

MELT® offers a whole-body approach that helps ease long-term pain, boosts how well you perform in physical activities and keeps your body's connective tissues flexible. It's a gentle method using light touch and hands-on techniques that work to refresh, strengthen, and care for your body, suitable for all fitness levels.

What if I told you that 50 is really the new 30?


LIVE younger. FEEL stronger!

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In this self-paced program - you are taking back your energy, releasing tension within your joints, and improving the quality of your life.

What Others Are Saying:


"Being a new grandma can come with challenges. Like picking up the 20 pound bundle of joy without throwing out your back. Can’t thank you enough for teaching me how to “engage my core” “feel it in the lower butt cheeks” and Stabilize my shoulder girdle” and MELT, MELT MELT! Continuing to build strength and muscle is going to keep this Grammie moving."


"I’ve been doing the mini Soft ball Foot treatment daily with amazing results for my knee pain. My husband plays racquetball and his knees hurt. He has been watching me doing the ball treatment daily and has joined in. Now he’s showing all his racquet ball buddies how to do it. It’s quick and easy and he’s a believer!"


"I’ve been training with Maria for many years. I credit her with allowing me to continue moving, playing golf and feeling good. When I’ve had sciatica she has worked with me and explored various options to fix the problem. It’s been a combination of MELT, NeuroStrength and Pilates that have gotten me to the point of 85% pain free.."

You will have access to:

- Access to on-demand video library

- Access to the 30-Day MELT Challenge

- Access to Maria through Voxer

PSA: Whatever you aren’t changing, you are choosing.

Rid yourself of chronic aches and pain by keeping your fascia hydrated with these simple exercises for just 20 minutes a day.


MELT is for you if you:

Want to DRASTICALLY improve your quality of life

– Live FREE of aches, pains, and heaviness

– Are ready to perform your favorite sport or activity with ease 

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Pace yourself according to your schedule and MELT into the best season of your life today!

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