The Ultimate Guide

to Happy Hormones


This Ebook will help you find how to bring natural balance to your hormones. Learn holistic ways to help your body function at its best. This free guide will give you tips on sleep, exercise and stress reduction, as well as herbal remedies, cooking tips and recipes. 

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Which hormones that are most impactful in menopause. Lifestyle changes that help support these hormones with worksheets and self-assessments to help you navigate as you begin your transformation.

Hormone Balancing Recipes

Enjoy learning meal planning strategies to support hormone balance.

Build Healthy Habits

Use the included worksheets and self-assessment tools to create healthy habits that support hormone balance.

You Are Unique

Use this guide to tune in and learn how your body responds to the changes you make.

I'M Maria

As a woman who has gone through menopause and lives with an autoimmune disease, I understand how important obtaining hormonal balance is. 

Whether you are striving to achieve hormonal balance as naturally as possible or you are receiving help from replacement therapy through your doctor, this guide will empower you with practical advice. 

I created this guide to educate, guide and inspire you toward optimal hormone balance and well-being. Enjoy.

"Maria’s passion for total body wellbeing makes her a standout in the industry. Her comprehensive approach to health and fitness makes the journey streamlined and easy."


"Maria gave me tangible, educated and realistic pieces to a puzzle and tools to use each day, for life. She focused on all areas of health and well-being that made sense and was achievable for me."



DISCOVER Hormonal Balance

Start simply, pay attention to your body and

start healing from the root. 


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