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6 Pillars of Wellness

12 Week Program

 January  30th-April 22, 2023

Why am I jumping for joy?

Because you want to make a healthy lifestyle change. 

This program includes what I consider the 6 Pillars we must incorporate into our lives to live our healthiest, happiest, pain free life.




The MELT Method®

Breath Work

Stress Relief

Imagine, 3 months from now you're:


Sleeping Better

Free of bloat and excess weight

You have more energy

You're confident in how you look and move.

You're enjoying life more!

This 12 Week program includes:

One Private Zoom Call at the beginning so we can go over goals, health history, assessments and measurements.

Weekly 60 minute Zoom Group Sessions so together we can perfect our strength and Pilates moves, MELT® techniques, breath work and nutrition.

Accountability and access to me for the 12 weeks through the Voxer app.

Recorded exercises, techniques and mini classes so you have everything you need, whenever you need it.

Recipes that are simple and nutritious so you have "go-to's" for healthy meals that fit right into your healthy lifestyle. Some are perfect for meal prepping.

Quick Guides that are printable to hang on your fridge or keep in a notebook.

The tools needed to get you started, shipped right to your door.*

At the end of the 12 weeks you will have established a program for life with the side effects of feeling better, fat loss, better sleep and overall better health.

Pay in full $1597

Waitlist price $1397

4 monthly installment plan $427 monthly 

*Includes: MELT® Roller, MELT®Ball Kit, MELT® Band, Super Band and Door Mount

*Heart rate monitor not included, highly recommended.

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