Private Training

Depending on your goals, in a Private we will include some or all of the following:


MELT NeuroStrength®


Strength Training

Cardiovascular Training

I tailor each workout to you. What is most important to you right now?

Pain Relief

Strength Gains

Muscle Building

Fat Loss

Stress Reduction

Improved Mobility and Stability

I work both in person and via Zoom.

I work with clients all over the country.

Private Session Single

 Single One-Hour Session $100


Private Session 5 Pack

5 Pack One-Hour Sessions $475


Private Session 10 Pack

10 Pack one-Hour Session $900


Accountability Coaching

The 6 Pillars Accountability Coaching is a 3 month minimum commitment.

It includes:


1:1 Goal Setting Session and start up.

1-30 minute check in call per month

Progressions for cardio and strength work month by month.

PDF Calendar for what to do on what days.

Accountability through the Voxer App, daily- send in cardio screen shots and type in if completed strength, MELT, breath work, meditation, etc.

3 monthly payments of $417.00 per month

I've found over the years and through asking everyone, what do you need to make you successful? 9 out of 10 times I hear accountability. This service is your private one-on-one with me. We're health and fitness besties! If you need a coach to keep you on track, answer questions and be accountable to, this is the perfect program for you.

Questions? Ready to get started? Email me and I'll get right back to you!

Can't wait to talk!