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You Deserve 15 Minutes, at least

Wouldn’t you agree, there are two things in life more important than money, your health and your time.

The two go hand in hand. So many of you are juggling your time between careers and family obligations that you’re struggling to find time to take care of yourself.

I understand what you’re dealing with because I’m living it myself. My work weeks are jam packed and I have commitments to family that I take seriously. BUT, I learned long ago, if I don’t schedule time for myself, everything else will crumble. You can only stay so busy and ignore yourself for so long until something gives. Usually the first thing to go is your vitality and zest for life. Your body doesn’t move the way it should or you feel run down. Or you’re just not as physical as you’d like to be. You crave the energy you once had. You can change this before it becomes a problem by changing your mindset.

I can give you all the exercises, recipes, MELT moves, mediations and tips I know, but the first thing we've got to master is your mindset.

In my 6 Pillars of Wellness 12-week Program I have a section called Motivation and Mindset. For success in changing any habit, you've got to change the way you think.

Start with what you want in life. Sit quietly and write down everything you hope to achieve. Get honest and real with yourself. Are being healthy physically and mentally, feeling less stressed and being happy part of your big picture? Do you tell yourself, I'll get to that later? There is no perfect time. Now is the time.

Next, set boundaries! Boundaries are the most important component of a healthy and well balanced life. Your health and happiness are more important than anything. These days, work seems to have crept into our living rooms. Only you can take back control. Your job will still be there if you shut your computer down and enjoy a quiet evening or weekend. In fact, when you redo your schedule and reclaim some of your precious time, you'll be more energized and motivated. Your work will mean more to you. You’ll have a clearer head and be able to get more accomplished in less time.

Can you get up 15 minutes early or take a break at lunch? How about your evenings?

Click Here for a quick guide to use if you're struggling and need a simple way to start incorporating healthier habits into your day.

Schedule one of the activities from the morning column into each of your days, and do the same for your evenings. Adding it to your schedule will make it a priority. You can even set an alert to go off on your phone at the time you choose. Shut the screens down in the evening and go for a walk, MELT, journal or read. I promise, it makes a huge difference. It’s a calm oasis and it feels right. I hope you’ll take the time to reclaim part of your day to give back to your beautiful body and keep it well.

Here's a quick time saver to boost your nutrition on busy days.

Click Here to get my Break the Fast Parfait Recipe It's a recipe you can make ahead in minutes and take with you anywhere. You can eat it on the run and is packed with the nutrition your body is craving. It's delicious and full of fiber, protein and good fats. Being prepared will help you stay the course.

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