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Whats for Dinner?

What’s for dinner?

If only I could snap my fingers and have your shopping done, your veggies washed and chopped and everything ready for you so when you get home from a busy day you can just throw it all together. If I could do that….I’d be a millionaire.🤣

I know it’s hard to plan a healthy dinner when life is swirling around. But feeding ourselves and our loved ones nutritious food is an important part of living a healthy, well balanced, pain free life.

Here is a look into what I made for dinner last week. Nothing fancy, nothing too time consuming. It just requires a little planning. I’m even including a shopping list of what I had on hand to get you started. Feel free to change out veggies or protein with ones you like or digest better.

Monday- Grilled whitefish and asparagus with a baked sweet potato

Tuesday- Hamburger with beet salad

Wednesday- Rotisserie chicken on Greek salad

Thursday- Asparagus omelet

Friday- BBQ chicken pizza with salad