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What's Your Plan

If your dream vacation was to travel to Europe and see all the magnificent sights, you’d want a plan right? If it was your goal to visit the Sistine Chapel, Amalfi Coast and Malta, you’d need to map out how you’d get to each destination, where you’d stay, how you’d pay for it and what you would do and what you’d want to eat at each location. After all this is your dream vacation and you don’t want to just wing it.

Well, the same goes for the goals you have for yourself regarding your health and wellness. Having a plan helps keep you on track. It maps out where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. Life is busy but if we think we can just fit things in when we get a chance we’re likely to skip or miss the self-care it takes to keep us healthy, strong and feeling and looking our best.

Having a plan doesn’t mean you need to be strict or inflexible. But just like a journey to a dream destination it will help to keep you on course. We get this one dream life, why not follow a course that brings you true health and happiness.

Here’s a sample plan from one of my clients. She is very busy but this has been working for her.

Sunday- AM Relaxing morning ritual, 30-minute HIIT workout, shop for groceries, MELT in the evening.

Monday- Morning ritual, 20-minute strength circuit

Tuesday- Morning ritual, walk after dinner

Wednesday- Morning ritual, 20-minute HIIT workout before the day starts, 10 minute MELT after dinner

Thursday- Morning ritual, busy day, evening meditation or MELT

Friday-Morning ritual, 20 minute strength circuit, evening walk

Saturday-Morning ritual, hike with friends in the woods

Life is not perfect. Everyone is different and everyone’s life is different. I work with my coaching clients to help them find what it is they really want, then we figure out how they’ll get there. We map out their plan. Before taking your dream vacation you wouldn’t spend all that time and money without using a travel agent just to get to the Sistine Chapel to find you can’t get in on a tour because you didn't have a reservation. Why spin your wheels and feel frustrated by wanting to achieve your health and wellness goals without having the right coach to guide and support you on your journey.

Last night I had the best Zoom meeting with a client. She went through my 12 week group program that finished at the end of April. Even with a medical procedure thrown into her 12 weeks she was looking bright, beautiful and happy. She has found her path, her plan. She now knows what to do and why. She reached her goals. She is sleeping better, enjoying more energy, loving her workouts, loving the effect of intermittent fasting and how it makes her feel. She now has a handle on her health, fitness and wellness. She’s so happy! Seeing her and listening to her filled me with joy. She is doing the work. I’m her coach, her guide, but she figured it out. We both almost cried when she told me that now she sets boundaries with her work. She makes sure she gets her self-care in. This is what I want for you! You’d invest a ton of money in a dream vacation. Maybe it’s time to invest in your dream life. After all, the vacation only lasts so long, your health and happiness go with you everywhere.

Feel free to reach out to me at so we can chat about your goals, dreams and life. Know that you don’t have to go it alone. Having support and guidance along the way makes your journey not only clearer, but a bit easier and will help you reach your goals faster without all the frustration. My consultation calls are free. Just email me and set up yours today.

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