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Recipe to Stay Pain Free

Last week we talked about how chronic inflammation can cause disease. It can also cause joint and muscle pain. This week let’s touch on a recipe to get you and keep you active and pain free.

Whether you’re young, in your mid 50’s like me or 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond, we can all and should all take part in keeping our body strong, healthy and pain free.

We are at such a crossroads. With modern medicine it’s possible to live to be centenarians. On the contrary with modern society we are getting sick younger. Our DNA was not meant for this modern life. We were meant to move to feed ourselves and stay active. Not meant to sit for hours at a time, use electronics and eat processed foods. I’m not suggesting we give up our modern conveniences and move into a cave. But, there are ways we can offset today’s lifestyle with better self-care.

I consider self-care everything you do to positively affect your health; physical, mental and spiritual.

Chronic inflammation and disease can be caused by a lot of today’s conveniences, circumstances, and choices. Therefore, we can take back control and help our body rid itself of inflammation and disease. Last week’s blog focused more on the foods we eat. This week let’s talk about helping our body destress, sleep better and rid ourselves of “stuck stress.”

In The MELT Method there are the 4 R’s. Reconnect, Rebalance, Rehydrate and Release. These 4 R’s are “the recipe” to help you get rid of pain and tension in your body. This along with eating an antiinflammatory diet will help you rid your body of chronic inflammation.

Reconnect- We use techniques that help our mind Reconnect with our body. The first Reconnect move is our Rest Assess. In this modern world many of us go around disconnected from our body. You are one system. We’ll cover more of this in an upcoming blog post.

Rebalance- The Rebalance Sequence is a life changing sequence that takes all of 10 minutes to perform. This sequence allows us to tap into our Parasympathetic Nervous System (think the Rest and Digest part of our nervous system) On a daily basis, so many of us are walking around in our Sympathetic Nervous System (think Fight or Flight.) Tapping into the Rest and Digest part of the nervous system while awake allows you to downregulate and calm your nervous system. This will help you to sleep better, feel less anxious and heal faster.

Rehydrate- The Rehydrate moves are gentle compression and two-directional length moves that rehydrate your connective tissue. Your connective tissue is a 3-dimensional scaffolding that starts in your skin and goes to your bone. It connects you from head to toe. Every muscle, bone, joint and organ is living in this fluid based system. When this system becomes dehydrated, not only do your muscles, joints and bones feel stiff and tight, your nervous system has a hard time with body-wide signaling. Yet another stress to what in MELT we call your Auto Pilot (neurofascial system.)

Release- The Release techniques allow you to release your neck and low back space. Cumulative stress and daily living change the shape and size of your “Masses and Spaces.”

Your spine is meant to have a neck and low back curve. From so much sitting and hunching over screens, many of us and at younger ages are suffering from low back and neck pain. Much of this can be dramatically helped by daily self-care and a MELT practice.

You have the power! You can enjoy longevity and vitality. Taking time on a regular basis to move more, eat home cooked and whole foods, drink enough water, prioritize sleep and incorporate MELT into your life will be the recipe for success. If you are already doing these things, YAY YOU! Keep going! It feels good doesn’t it? If you need to start, and this seems overwhelming, choose one little thing to get started. Maybe you start with drinking water frequently throughout the day. Maybe you start with a walk after dinner. Or, you learn how to do a MELT Rebalance Sequence. You start reading labels and buying foods that don’t come in packages or with barcodes. Start small, make a change for life, then just rinse and repeat.

I’m here for you. If you want help getting started or staying on track, email me and let’s chat. I have so many different ways I can help you.

Just email me at

Be proactive with your health and wellness. You get one body, treat it with the love and care it needs and deserves.

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