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No one wants it

Inflammation is the body’s response to an injury or infection. If you cut yourself or you have an infection, your body sends white blood cells to fight help heal you. Acute inflammation is a way of our body protecting us.

Chronic inflammation is what we need to eliminate or reduce. This inflammation is the body’s response to unwanted substances in the body such as excess fat cells, especially belly fat.

Why is chronic inflammation so dangerous? According to Harvard Medical School chronic inflammation is the common underlying cause of the” four horsemen of the medical apocalypse”

Coronary artery disease, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimers.

I apologize right now if I offend anyone. I’m not perfect. I love food. Heck my grandmother managed a Fannie May store my whole childhood. I went to a French cooking school. But I have cancer in my genes. I want to live a long and vibrant life. I want to help you live a long and vibrant life too! Too many of us think it’s ok to be overweight or live with belly fat. Media and marketing have embraced being overweight as normal. It’s not. Our body was not meant to deal with all of the processed food products and drinks that are out on the market.

Signs of chronic inflammation: fatigue, muscle and joint aches and pains, weight gain and low immune function- you catch a lot of bugs.