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My Journey with MELT

Back in my 30’s I was a runner. I fell in love with running because it was an effective way to remain cardiovascularly healthy, burn calories and burn off tension and stress. Little did I know that all the repetitive motion of running up to twenty miles a week would have on my body.

Fast forward five or six years and I developed an incredible pain in my foot. I figured, “if I’ve got foot pain, I should go see a foot doctor” so off I went to visit the podiatrist, who was also a runner. Well, he did get rid of the pain by injecting cortisone at the base of my right heel. When I stood up, the pain was gone. Surely this doctor was a miracle worker. I would be able to run again, free of pain!

Fast forward a few more years, while on a run not even a mile from my home all of a sudden, my right hip hurts. I mean, it really hurts, a sharp pain. I figured I'll walk it off. After a block or two I tried running again, but the pain was still there! I had to stop running, my workouts and my sleep were being affected. Back then, I didn’t connect my hip pain to the pain I had a couple years earlier in my foot. After all, I was a personal trainer and Pilates instructor I should have known. 😣

It wasn’t until a colleague told me I needed to try this new method she was starting to learn using these little balls and soft foam rollers. This was my introduction to MELT. I have to admit, the first time I tried a MELT Soft Ball Foot Treatment, I was a little skeptical. I mean, my foot felt a little softer, more relaxed but that was about it. It didn’t occur to me that my connective tissue was so dehydrated from all the pounding I put on my body that it was going to take a few sessions to feel the true benefits of the work. But I stuck with it. And am I glad I did. Within weeks my hip pain was gone, I was sleeping well and I was able to return to running. I learned a valuable lesson. The plantar fasciitis that caused my foot pain was caused from my right hip being unstable. Once I rehydrated my connective tissue and stabilized my hips both of the pains went away for good.

After teaching MELT and using this amazing method on my own body for over 10 years, I know I have changed my life. I know that part of the reason I can do what I do at 56 years old and recover and heal, sleep well, have energy all through the day and h