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Is More always Better?

When it comes to exercise, is more better? Well that all depends. Let’s take a look at what you’re trying to accomplish and see if you really need more or would more specific or effective exercise be a better solution.

  1. Are you training for something that gives you joy and satisfaction? A 5K, century, marathon or triathlon? If you’re training for a specific goal and you need to train longer and this training and goal gives you great satisfaction, then go for it. As long as you’re feeling good, getting good recovery and fueling yourself with nutritious foods and keeping your body hydrated, you should be good.

  2. Are you working out longer to compensate for poor food choices or eating too much? If this is the case, it’s time to do a mindset check. Instead of working out harder or longer to try to “burn off” what we eat, we can ask ourselves questions to help us understand why we’re eating junk food or too much in the first place. This takes patience and kindness toward ourselves. We can start by journaling what cravings we feel and what emotions we’re feeling when we have the cravings. Acknowledging the craving instead of stifling it will help us work through how to deal with it. Is it just a matter of eating while distracted, eating too much or too fast or are we compensating for other emotions through food? Check out my blog post about Primary and Secondary Foods here.

  3. Are you working out more to deal with stress or to try to obtain a specific clothing size? Exercise is a great way to deal with stress, however, if we overdo it, exercise can go from reducing stress and helping us strengthen our cardiovascular and muscle systems to actually causing more stress to our nervous system and body. Are you getting a well rounded workout which includes cardiovascular and strength training? Do you know why you’re doing an exercise and how it will benefit you? Just like anything in life, having a plan will make it easier to stick to a schedule. We’ll see greater results by remaining consistent and focused. To learn more about which exercises to do and when, check out Best Exercises to do in Menopause here, even if you’re not in menopause. To learn more about effective cardio exercise click here to read Holidays are Coming, Stay the Course.

Still not sure where to start? Let’s set up a 15 minute Discovery Call to see how I can help you not only get started, but work through the process to achieve the results you’re looking for. I have two spots open this month for my one-on-one online coaching, either Accountability Coaching or Holistic Coaching. Email me at to book your Discovery Call today.

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