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How Do You Want Your Future to Look?

Looking ahead ten years, how do you see yourself? Retired with more time for the activities and hobbies you love? Do you want to travel and explore new places? Play with your grandchildren and have some energy left over? What you do today will determine how you feel, move and look in the future.

Living in the present is important but what are your future goals as you age? More and more research is telling us that how we age depends on how we treat our body today. I see this firsthand as I work with an aging population. Many in their 60’s through their 90’s who remain consistent with their self care are some of the healthiest people I know. They enjoy quality sleep, exercise and movement, eating nutritiously, partaking in some sort of breath work or meditation and have meaningful relationships as well as keep their brains active.

Consistently making time in a busy day for self-care can be tricky. I understand that not everyone thinks lifting weights, going for a walk, focusing on breath or preparing meals are things they want to spend time on. If you’re someone who doesn’t “feel the love” of self-care but wants to make a life change, take a few moments to answer the following questions.

What is your current story around food, movement, rest, being in nature?

For example: A woman I know who was a workaholic has a father who often said,” There will be time to rest when you're dead.” You can imagine how hard it was for her to break the workaholic lifestyle and start caring for herself? But she did. Even though she is a very successful business person she has worked through her story and doesn’t have to live up to it anymore. She runs a million dollar business but has changed the way she schedules her days and weeks to include rest, exercise and joy in her life.

Do you feel you need to change your story for the better?

If you woke up tomorrow and your life was exactly how you wanted it, what would you notice has changed?

As I look back on the last ten years from when I first started Boundless Balance, I envisioned what I have today. I was able to see what I wanted for my life and health, both physical and mental. As I look to the next ten years, I dream big. I know how I want to live, move and feel. It is seeing what I want in the future that makes me value the time I make in my days for self-care.

Manifesting is a popular word and it does work, I’ve done it for myself. But, it's not about just thinking and focusing on wanting something, it’s about having a clear vision, setting your intention every morning and working toward what you want to achieve.

I want this for you. I’m happy and proud of you for taking the time to care for yourself as a whole person. If you’re finding it challenging or you're struggling to get there, reach out and let me know, I’m happy to help.

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