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Finding Your Flow

I think we’ve all been there. That place where we want to lose weight for a specific event, get in shape for a vacation, train to do a 5K or another sporting event. Once the event, vacation or run was finished, where did that leave us? Did we change our lifestyle for the better or did we go back to where we were before?

Finding your flow is more of a mindset and a way of life. Afterall, health and wellness is a journey through life, not a destination. When we make goals around a specific date or event, we may get to that certain size, have a look or accomplish an activity goal but do we continue on after? Does reaching that one goal or day help us transform our daily life to live in our own wellness?

Take a few minutes with no distractions to sit and just be. What does your body need from you? Becoming connected to our own body is critical to enjoy true health and wellness. For example, listen to your own signals, are you tired? You may need more quality sleep. Are you thirsty? You may need to drink more water instead of snacking. Do you always feel hungry and deal with cravings? You may need more protein. Do you feel anxious, jittery or depressed? You may need to get outside for a walk or do some strength training. When we’re in touch with our body and emotions we can listen to our intuition and know what it is that will make us feel better, stronger and more peaceful

Being in a state of flow can feel like going to sleep when we’re tired and waking without an alarm. Eating nutritious foods without needing to count calories or macros. Eating when truly hungry and stopping before feeling full. Giving our body the exercise it needs without overdoing it. Allowing our body and mind rest when we need it. Knowing to turn off screens, being quiet, getting out in nature, all the things that nurture our body and soul and quiet our mind. When you get to this state of flow it no longer becomes so much work just to eat right, exercise and get good sleep. All of this comes from being present and listening to our body.

Meet yourself where you’re at. There’s no shame in feeling detached. We live in a world where things move fast, everything is a click away, we have images coming at us all the time through our screens. If it seems like a huge jump to get to the state of flow, start small. Disconnecting from the world around you for 5 minutes to listen to your body and ask yourself, “what can I do today to make you feel heard and loved” may be a very good start.

For help on your health, fitness and wellness journey, email me at mariarigo@boundlessbalance to set up a call. We can chat about your goals and desire for a healthier life. This call comes with no obligation to work with me. It’s a way for us to see what you need and if I can help you.

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