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Breaking Myths Around Strength Training

Do you spend a lot of time doing cardio workouts? Do you think you need to get on a treadmill or an elliptical and just push through mindlessly for 30 minutes to an hour? How is that working for you? Are you seeing the results you want? I don't want to diminish the importance of cardio but, we need to build muscle. We won't build muscle if we don’t break the muscle fibers down. This isn't the first time you’re hearing me say this but building muscle doesn’t come from a random number of repetitions.

If you want to see results for the time and money you’re investing in getting yourself healthy and fit, let’s get real for a moment. Here are three myths that I’d like to debunk:

  1. Muscle is being built during your strength training session.

  2. Lifting light weights for countless repetitions builds muscle.

  3. You’ll look bulky if you lift heavy weights.

Here’s what’s really happening:

  1. When you lift weights you are actually breaking down muscle fibers. The muscle building comes during the rest and recovery phase. This is why sleep, rest, hydration and proper nutrition are needed to build muscle.

  2. Just mindlessly lifting a light weight and going on and on without thinking about it is wasting your time. You’re better off to get mindful, think about what you are trying to accomplish. Focus on form and lift heavier for less repetitions. Build up to lifting a weight with proper form that will fatigue your muscle in ten repetitions. (If you’re just starting out, you will want to build up to this. We cover this more in The 6 Pillars of Wellness 12-Week Program.)

  3. Muscle is lean tissue. If you’re afraid of looking bulky, building muscle and losing fat will help you look strong and lean. It’s the fat around the muscle that gives the appearance of bulk.

Not only does muscle make us look better, it’s an important part of aging well. The 6 Pillars of Wellness 12-Week Program goes even further in helping you understand why we should be focusing on building muscle and how to accomplish this in menopause. Reply to this email today to take advantage of the early registration discount of $200 off the program. We need to set up your free call before midnight tonight to keep the benefit of the discount.

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