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Break Free From Worry

One spring night in 2010 I woke to go to the bathroom. I started thinking about my husband at the time and my two sons. My life looked like it was all together on the outside, I think. But on the inside I was filled with worry. My mind was racing. I thought about all the things that keep anyone up at night. As I returned to bed, I couldn’t get these worries out of my head. I tried everything from counting sheep, counting the calories I ate that day, saying The Rosary (yes, I was raised Catholic and this is what we did to get us through times of worry). Nothing worked. I lay awake for most of the night and finally drifted off to sleep an hour or two before the sun came up.

If you’ve ever lain in bed worrying and woke with only a couple hours of sleep, you can imagine how I felt that day. Tired, sluggish and a bit aggravated with myself that I couldn’t get my shit together and stop the worry.

After this happened on several occasions. I was determined to figure out a way to beat the worry bug. We all know that worry can’t control anything. If anything, it can only make things worse by driving up our stress response. Worry doesn’t solve problems or keep loved ones safe and healthy. It only chips away at our own physical and mental health and wellness.

I started experimenting with breathwork and meditation. I bought a couple of self help books and realized something profound. I could engage in the practice of “detachment” which is something that changed my life. No longer did I let worry take hold of me. On the plus side I gained a sense of freedom, a strong, calm sense of freedom. One that I enjoy to this day. This is one of the greatest life lessons I’ve learned and I want to share it with you.

While on a walk or sitting in a quiet place, I would one-by-one think of loved ones in my life. I would think about the worst case scenario of what could happen to them. I would think of the best case scenario of what could happen to them. I’d think of the most likely scenario of what could happen. Then I’d say a prayer and let it go and give it up to God, the Universe–a greater power. Slowly I detached from a sense of control from every person I loved and cared about. Next, I went on to possessions. What's the worst case scenario? What would I do if I lost my job, house, car, etc…. How would I manage to continue with what I