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30 Day Flip the Switch Challenge

Your guide to loving the way you feel in menopause.

This is your 30 Day Guide to start balancing your hormones naturally. Listen to your body and give it the sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress relief it needs specifically for this time in your life to start feeling your best.


Imagine 30 days from now, you're less bloated, sleeping better, enjoying more energy, less aches and pains and more even moods. Self-care is a powerful medicine.

Learn how to get your self back in balance.

Included in this free guide:

Worksheets to work through your mindset

If lifelong changes are what you're after, knowing where you're at and where you want to be will make it an easier to attain your goals.


Four weeks of emails to keep you on track

I break it down to keep it easy to digest. We're going for progress not perfection. 


30 Day Calendar

Knowing what to do and when help you get results. It doesn't need to be fancy. It needs to be effective.


Let's Get Started

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